About The Artist

photo by Johanna

photo by Johanna

Deirdre Czoberek, a local Pacific Northwest contemporary artist, resides in Mount Vernon, Washington. She has deep artistic roots with a mother, father, several aunties and even her grandmother creating art.

Deirdre grew up in a home where art was just important as food.  Both parents were visual artists and on a constant quest for physical and spiritual beauty.  Every surface in the house was subject to beautification and embellishment – cars and refrigerators included.  They were a mighty influence indeed.

Try as she might to explore different paths in college, she felt drawn to study art and completed her B.F.A. in painting in 1992 from the University of Washington.  In her work, she favors the continual exploration of color and design in non-representational paintings.  Primarily an oil painter, she is just as likely to use watercolors or acrylic if they are at hand.  Watercolor offers a spontaneous luminosity; acrylic is immediate and oils are slow and rich and take time to develop.

Along with raising her own creative children and painting, Deirdre works as a teaching artist throughout the Northern Puget Sound area.

Many of the paintings featured are available for sale. Please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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